Tom Brough of Chicago – Everything you Should Know About Hedge Funds

A hedge fund is a type of investment in the financial industry. Tom Brough has been working in the financial industry for 20 years. He is a financial advisor in Chicago, Illinois, and a manager for the Hedge Access Group’s portfolio of funds. He has a degree in finance from DePaul University. He also completed a certified financial program through Northwestern University. He is highly knowledgeable and experienced in his field, and he has worked hard to build a successful career in this industry. Hedge funds area an important topic in the financial industry.

A hedge fund in a type of investment fund that draws and pools from a small number of accredited institutional or individual investors. That fund is then used to invest in a variety of assets. Hedge funds, like mutual funds, can be referred to as pools of underlying securities. They are also similar to mutual funds in the sense that they can be invest in a wide array of securities. However, hedge funds are very different than mutual funds, and there are several important facts about this type of investment.

One of the most important things that you should know about hedge funds is that this type of investment is not regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Due to the fact that these funds are not regulated by the SEC, hedge funds can be invested in a wider selection of securities. Some professionals choose to invest hedge funds in traditional securities, such as bonds, stocks, real estate, and commodities. Other professionals choose to invest using riskier and more sophisticated investment techniques. Derivatives are another investment option for hedge funds. Derivatives are contracts for buying and selling a certain security at a specified price. An example of a derivative is a futures contract.

Hedge funds also typically use a specific investment strategy. Many hedge funds employ long-short investment strategies. This means that hedge funds will purchase stock, or invest in some long positions. Hedge funds will, at the same time, sell stocks with borrowed money, and then purchase them back at a lower price. Selling stocks in this manner is called a short position. When this investment strategy is used with the right timing, hedge funds are able to make a good profit. Hedge funds are not as liquid as other investment funds, which means that it can be more difficult for investors to sell their shares. The majority of hedge funds attempt to generate returns during the lock up period. This is a specific period of time when investors are unable to sell their shares.

Hedge funds are an important part of the financial sector. Tom Brough Chicago is a successful hedge fund manager who works with a group located in Chicago, Illinois.


Life Insurance Agents

Becoming a life insurance agent is a challenging path to take in life. The annual income of agents has been reported to be from $350,000 to $600,000 at some insurance providers. There is a reputation surrounding life insurance that is a generally bad reputation. Life insurance companies take your money, wait until you are dead, and then proceed to find a way to say you died that would let them completely ignore paying your family a penny. They have this reputation for a reason, as a specific form of life insurance, accidental death insurance, is known to rarely pay benefits. However, a good portion of life insurance agencies pay the benefits to the recipient when the specified person is deceased. There are a plethora of forms of life insurance, and many are very honest lines of work. Life insurance agents actually say that one of the best parts of their job is being able to give a check to a family that dearly needs it. Yes, it is unfortunate that a person has passed away. However, being able to offer assistance to grieving people can outweigh even the biggest disadvantages of the job.

However, being a life insurance agent requires a specific temperament. Even when a person needs a life insurance plan, the stigma surrounding the industry is so thick that the person is still likely to refuse such a thing. It is then the job of the life insurance agent to enlighten the person and make them a client.

Tom Brough Chicago has lived in Chicago all his life and was a licensed life insurance agent who enjoyed convincing skeptical people that they needed life insurance. Because of those successes, he has been able to help the clients’ families after they passed away.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an iffy sort of policy to have. At least, that is what the media portrays about it. This is true, insofar as specific life insurance plans being made for specific purposes and used for others. One form of life insurance that rarely has to pay a benefit is accidental death insurance, or accidental death and dismemberment insurance. The idea of this insurance is that the only things covered are accidents.

Accidents do not include natural death, illness, suicide, war injury, athletic injury, and any other number of types of death. There are only a few specific types of death covered by accidental death insurance, such as drowning, falls, traffic accidents, and a couple other things. Usually the process of claiming the benefit is lengthy, as the insurance agency might want to perform an autopsy and investigate the case before paying anything.

Sometimes, depending on the policy, fractional amounts of the benefit will be paid if the covered client loses an appendage. However, these are the insurance agencies that are known to come up with any possible reason they can so that they will not have to pay the benefit. If someone were in a traffic accident, lived for a few days, then died of an illness, they would not pay a thing. These sorts of reasons are the reasons that keep them from paying the benefit on the majority of their policies.

 Tom Brough Chicago, a local of Chicago, IL is a Financial Advisor, who would only advise such plans in specific circumstances.

Tom Brough of Chicago – So You Think You Can Be A Licensed Life Insurance Agent?

If you are mulling over options for your career, there are several things to consider before taking the plunge as a licensed life insurance agent. It is, unfortunately, common that people, in general, consider life insurance to be a daunting subject. In fact, not many people are excited about discussing their own mortality, especially with a stranger. There are also other intimidating factors that are associated with life insurance such as not understanding how it works, the costs, the hidden taxes and let’s just face it; it is not the most exciting topic. However, the combined factors of complexity, dullness, expense, and subject matter can lead any intelligent human to overlook the critical decisions necessary to make great financial decisions. Sometimes, people do not buy enough life insurance to cover all of their needs and many of those who do buy enough make mistakes, and end up with insurance that is not beneficial.

Consumers need to consider several issues before they drift into the life insurance tides surrounding them. It may not seem like the cool investment to make at a young age but often many find themselves to be in love and with a new family within a year. Most young adults don’t even consider their options, should something happen to them. Tom Brough Chicago says that by starting young, you guarantee your insurability, provided you keep paying the premiums. If you can quantify the value of life insurance and be diligent in understanding the nuances of policies, then you can be a successful life insurance agent.

Tom Brough of Chicago is a financial expert who formed Brough Investment Advisors in 2009 after he had successfully completed a certified financial program at Northwestern University. He has been a financial advisor for many years. He has worked as a broker at several Chicago-area brokerage firms, and also as an independent broker and received a degree in finance from DePaul University.