Life Insurance Agents

Becoming a life insurance agent is a challenging path to take in life. The annual income of agents has been reported to be from $350,000 to $600,000 at some insurance providers. There is a reputation surrounding life insurance that is a generally bad reputation. Life insurance companies take your money, wait until you are dead, and then proceed to find a way to say you died that would let them completely ignore paying your family a penny. They have this reputation for a reason, as a specific form of life insurance, accidental death insurance, is known to rarely pay benefits. However, a good portion of life insurance agencies pay the benefits to the recipient when the specified person is deceased. There are a plethora of forms of life insurance, and many are very honest lines of work. Life insurance agents actually say that one of the best parts of their job is being able to give a check to a family that dearly needs it. Yes, it is unfortunate that a person has passed away. However, being able to offer assistance to grieving people can outweigh even the biggest disadvantages of the job.

However, being a life insurance agent requires a specific temperament. Even when a person needs a life insurance plan, the stigma surrounding the industry is so thick that the person is still likely to refuse such a thing. It is then the job of the life insurance agent to enlighten the person and make them a client.

Tom Brough Chicago has lived in Chicago all his life and was a licensed life insurance agent who enjoyed convincing skeptical people that they needed life insurance. Because of those successes, he has been able to help the clients’ families after they passed away.