Life Insurance

Life insurance is an iffy sort of policy to have. At least, that is what the media portrays about it. This is true, insofar as specific life insurance plans being made for specific purposes and used for others. One form of life insurance that rarely has to pay a benefit is accidental death insurance, or accidental death and dismemberment insurance. The idea of this insurance is that the only things covered are accidents.

Accidents do not include natural death, illness, suicide, war injury, athletic injury, and any other number of types of death. There are only a few specific types of death covered by accidental death insurance, such as drowning, falls, traffic accidents, and a couple other things. Usually the process of claiming the benefit is lengthy, as the insurance agency might want to perform an autopsy and investigate the case before paying anything.

Sometimes, depending on the policy, fractional amounts of the benefit will be paid if the covered client loses an appendage. However, these are the insurance agencies that are known to come up with any possible reason they can so that they will not have to pay the benefit. If someone were in a traffic accident, lived for a few days, then died of an illness, they would not pay a thing. These sorts of reasons are the reasons that keep them from paying the benefit on the majority of their policies.

 Tom Brough Chicago, a local of Chicago, IL is a Financial Advisor, who would only advise such plans in specific circumstances.