Tom Brough Chicago: Family Time

Tom Brough of Chicago is a veteran financial advisor who has been active since completing his education at DePaul University, where he received a degree in finance in 1993. He has since worked for brokerage firms in the Chicago area and worked independently. Along the way he helped to raise one hundred million dollars for his firm’s fixed income bond trading program and developed twenty million dollars in real estate.

He has also started a family, and spending as much time with them as he can is very important to him. He believes that quality time with his family emerges from quantity time. In other words, the more time the family spends together, the better the quality of that time. And so whenever possible, his family shares meals, and talk about what they did during the day, sharing the ups and downs, successes and setbacks that make up ordinary life.

As Tom Brough of Chicago has learned, children raised this way do not forget meaningful family time. It’s important to him that he share as much of his time with his family as possible, but with his busy work schedule it can get a little tricky. When he knows he has an especially busy time coming up then he will build some family time into his schedule, often around a meal. He also knows that it is important to do a variety of different things, and that it isn’t so much what you are doing as the fact that the family is doing these things together. So even something as mundane as little household chores can be turned into quality family time. All of it, says Tom Brough of Chicago, will send that all-important message of love.