Tom Brough Chicago: The Value of Reading

Tom Brough of Chicago studied finance at DePaul University and received his Bachelor’s degree in 1993. He is a Registered Investment Advisor and a licensed real estate agent, the President of Brough Investment Advisors, and manager of the Hedge Access Group.

He is an extraordinarily busy man, but he makes sure he always find the time to improve himself. He successfully completed a certified financial program at Northwestern University in 2009, shortly before forming Brough Investment Advisors. And he is an avid reader who knows that good reading habits not only keep him well informed and a well-rounded individual, but also help him stay mentally alert.

Tom Brough of Chicago knows that the human brain needs exercise, just like any other part of the body. Staying mentally stimulated has many benefits aside from keeping him informed. Studies show that staying mentally active greatly reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease, and might even prevent it.

Tom Brough of Chicago’s profession can be stressful, but he has learned that losing himself in a book can greatly reduce his stress level. Daily tensions slip away as reading transports him to another place.

Another great benefit from reading a lot is an expanded vocabulary. Like most specialized disciplines, finance has its own language, and through reading Tom Brough of Chicago has internalized that language. Reading has also improved his analytical thinking, and his focus and concentration. Reading a lot has also had an affect on his writing skills.

Tom Brough of Chicago knows that there is a lot of information in the world, and that reading allows him to access it.